Image source: Bliq

We are very proud to announce that the TechFounders alumni startup Bliq recently secured €2 million in a heavily oversubscribed seed funding round. We love to see our alumni startups succeeding, but more importantly it shows us that the alternative transport industry is still growing.

The German mobility software startup Bliq participated in our accelerator program in 2017 (Batch #10). Their Bliq Ride service has been in the German market since 2018 and aims to be the #1 assistant for gig workers in the transport industry. It allows self-employed drivers to organize their rides and display all ridesharing providers in one app. This means there is no need anymore to work simultaneously with different apps such as Uber, Bolt, Free Now, and Ola.

Moreover, they make working in the delivery and ridesharing business more efficient by helping to understand what is happening around you. The app provides useful information like showing high demand regions, points of interest, traffic insights, and other drivers. You can track mileage and earnings for all platforms at a glance. Registered drivers can also use the in-app feature which allows them to share information and real-time road obstacles. Bliq is constantly evaluating the data to make sure that drivers always enjoy a competitive edge. One of the most popular features on Bliq Ride is the payment verification which automatically sends a message to the provider and recoups driver earnings in the case of disparities.


The funding round was led by the Berlin-based investor Amplifier Ventures with New York-based Space Capital, Atlantic Labs, Proeza Ventures, and Revel. The angel investor Andreas Kupke also participating in the round. The €2 million funding will go towards Bliq’s European expansion and further develop the functional scope of Bliq Ride.

Learn more about Bliq and Bliq Ride at their website: