Pilot Your Start-up's Solution with Festo
Augment the Potential of Unity 3D & Unreal Engine

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Apply for the TechFounders Pilot Project Program to Collaborate with Global Automation Industry Leader Festo

Build the Future of Interaction

The potential of Unity 3D and Unreal Engine has transcended from gaming origins to a driving force across industries. As an innovation leader, Festo has its eyes on the future, constantly on the lookout for novel technologies and solutions. Partnerships and cooperation are integral to Festo's corporate philosophy, making them a firm supporter and sponsor of start-ups, assisting them on their journey to practical industrial applications.

Take Your Start-up to the Next Level

This sponsored pilot project fostered by TechFounders is your chance to work hand-in-hand with Festo and shape the way industries approach automation, training, and immersive experiences. Alongside the pilot project, you'll be part of the TechFounders accelerator program with access to coaching and mentoring by industry experts and various occasions to meet relevant investors and industry representatives.

We Are Looking For Start-ups Developing in the Fields of:

Unity 3D

Unreal Engine

Mixed Reality & Virtual Reality

IT Architecture

Festo is looking for a platform building on to Unity 3D or Unreal Engine, that facilitates the internal development of Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality use cases. The platform should ideally have the ability to load and process raw CAD data efficiently, e.g. allow to upload entire production lines, product demonstrators, and more. Festo remains open to multiple potential application fields. 

Your Benefits

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Equity-free funding

We offer a project budget of €25,000 without taking any equity or charges in return
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5-Month Pilot Project

Collaborate with Festo on a pilot project to further develop your product or service
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Individual Coaching & Mentoring

By seasoned serial entrepreneurs, tech experts, venture capitalists and experienced industry professionals
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Free Office Space & Support

At Munich Urban Colab - The innovation hotspot by the city of Munich and UnternehmerTUM

The Road to Collaboration: Application Steps

Once you've taken the first step and submitted your application, here's a glimpse of what lies ahead. 

  • May 2024 - Interviews with the candidates

  • Early June 2024 - Communication of a decision to the candidates

  • Mid-July 2024 - Kick-off of the pilot project & accelerator program

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About Festo

Festo, the world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical education, is deploying its products and services to meet the challenge of smart production for the future in the course of digitalisation. The company also relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Established in 1925, the independent family-owned company based in Esslingen a.N., Germany, has been a driving force in automation for over 60 years and with its unique range of offers has become the world market leader in technical education. 

300,000 customers worldwide in factory and process automation put their trust in the company’s pneumatic and electric drive solutions. In addition, Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art training solutions for 56,000 industrial companies and educational institutions throughout the world. The Festo Group registered sales of €3.81 billion in the 2022 financial year and is represented at 250 locations throughout the world with a total of 20,800 employees. 7% of its annual turnover is invested in research and development.


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