TechFounders alumni startup receives investment right after finishing our accelerator program!

The Norwegian startup from Batch #11,,  has received a new investment. The company announced last week that Nabtesco Technology Ventures AG, with support from Emerald Technology Ventures, have invested in their innovative smart-wheel technology. The amount hasn’t been publicly disclosed yet. has developed an autonomously driven wheel that aims to revolutionize indoor mobility and material handling. Their product, “Genius”, transforms any object into a robotic device without changing the object’s design or form factor. The solution runs in the cloud and allows users to move heavy objects indoors with a smartphone app or by simply using voice commands. Read more about their innovation and services on their website hier. 

The investment will be used to further develop the product and to establish a manufacturing facility. was founded in 2013 and already works with well-known global companies, for example with Porsche and Skanska. During the TechFounders program, the startup worked together on a pilot project with our corporate partner Miele, and with the help of the recent investment, they aim to further expand their presence in global markets.

Read the Nabtesco Technology Ventures’s release about the investment here 

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