A Winning Hand: Highlights from the UnternehmerTUM Corporates & Investors Casino Night 2024

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On February 28, 2024, an exclusive UnternehmerTUM Corporates & Investors Casino Night 2024 drew together prominent figures across industries in the heart of Munich, often recognized as Germany's Silicon Valley. The event was organized by TechFounders and powered by the Munich Urban Colab Investment Alliance: UVC Partners, UnternehmerTUM Funding for Innovators, Lakestar, Deutsche Börse, BMW i Ventures, EMH Partners, and Technical University of Munich

The objective of the evening was clear: to bring together the forward-thinkers and decision-makers shaping the future of innovation, fostering meaningful connections and exchange of ideas in a laid-back atmosphere. By bridging the gap between industry-leading corporate representatives, venture capitalists, and pioneering start-ups the event aimed to open doors to new opportunities and spark transformative collaborations among the participants.

Around 200 guests were welcomed to the thriving innovation hub Munich Urban Colab where the night unfolded with classic casino games—roulette, poker, and blackjack—hosted by professional croupiers. While the games weren't monetary, participants had the chance to showcase their skills and compete for amazing prizes generously sponsored by Das Graseck, Hotel Adina, Motel One, Got Bag, air up, and the innovator. Catering by Flash Gordon ensured that guests stayed energized and fueled for mingling and dice-throwing.

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The highlight of the night was a captivating keynote speech by none other than Leon Szeli, the visionary founder of software start-up Presize. Presize has revolutionized the fashion e-commerce industry through cutting-edge body-scanning software for smartphones, precisely determining the size of outfits for users. Recognized by many for his appearance on "Die Höhle der Löwen," the German version of "Dragon's Den," Leon shared exclusive insights into Presize's phenomenal growth journey, culminating in a successful exit to Meta, Facebook's parent company. This exit marked one of Germany's most significant start-up successes of the year.

UnternehmerTUM's Casino Night is more than networking—it's where the innovation ecosystem thrives, connecting established organizations, investors, and founders to tackle industry challenges. At UnternehmerTUM, we foster collaboration between start-ups and established businesses, driving sustainable, impactful innovations.

Sylvia Stojilkovic, Managing Partner at TechFounders by UnternehmerTUM

Our Corporate-Start-up partnerships are not just about the present; they're about enabling corporates to stay competitive and prepare for the future—navigating industry trends, adopting new technologies and working modes, and staying ahead of evolving regulations. With over 180 start-up collaboration projects we have the experience of identifying and fostering the best form for the two parties to work together. 

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