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36ZERO Vision

36ZERO Vision (previously: FotoNow) is an AI-powered visual inspection system for high-value manufacturing and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking, and identification to optimize manufacturing agility and quality.
36ZERO Vision's Website
Aladyn Systems

Aladyn System

Aladyn System has developed an award-winning wireless charging technology that will transform the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices at home, offices, and in their cars. Their system differs from conventional wireless power systems by delivering power at a distance and to multiple devices, without being affected by walls or fluids.
Aladyn System's Website
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Analog-Digital Hybrid Computing

Anabrid is developing a ground-breaking analog computer on-a-chip that integrates with digital computers, creating powerful hybrids of the two computational paradigms.
Anabrid's Website
Portfolio startups layout ANTICIPATE


Zero Defect Assembly

Anticipate develops an AI-based assistance system to detect camera-based human errors in manual assembly processes and thus significantly reduces internal error costs in manufacturing.
ANTICIPATE's website
AR Experts

AR Experts

With more than 15 years experience in the area of augmented reality, AR Experts redefines training entirely. Their patent pending technology allows it to apply AR-based assembly training easily & intuitively through their training app Giri.
AR Expert's Website


Preparing parking for self-driving cars. Fully automated zone selection and payments on street; licence plate recognition, gate guidance and payments in garages.
Autlo's Website
Portfolio startups awake mobility

Awake Mobility

AWAKE Mobility monitors the health status of vehicles and predicts future technical problems by analyzing deep data, enabling maintaining of entire fleets based on data-driven insights. Their solution doesn’t only increase the reliability and punctuality of the vehicles but also drives sustainable transportation by enabling less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Awake Mobility's website


Cloud software for 3D printing: Beamler provides engineers of manufacturers access towards a worldwide 3D printing network. Manufacturing companies don’t have to buy expensive 3D printers and products go faster towards the market.
Beamler's Website
Beebryte white logo


BeeBryte is disrupting the electricity retail business with its Software-as-a-Service controlling in real-time both batteries and heating/cooling equipment to arbitrage on electricity spot markets and reduce utility bills of C&I customers up to 40%.
BeeBryte's Website


Bettaf!sh (Nordic Oceanfruit) develops the next generation of tasty, better-for-you fish alternatives based on nutrient-rich seaweed – naturally plant-based, organic, with a strong positive impact on our ecosystem.
BettaF!sh's Website


bitvox is revolutionizing the way blue-collar employees work with their intelligent headset that provides voice assistance during work processes. In addition, it also serves as a hearing protection which enables telecommunication in noisy environments.
bitvox's website


blik creates an item tracking solution for logistics and industry. With our combined hardware and software solution, environmental factors of goods and load carriers are raised in real time. The system is primarily aimed at users from the industry who want to avoid errors and errors in the documentation. Users of blik are able to get a live overview of their systems and flows. (Discontinued)
blik's LinkedIn Page


Blink helps people find, choose, and access local experiences in their destinations. A mobile first, visual experience, powered by an editorial model designed to provide to the user quick access to top experiences.
Blink's Website
Blink In


BlinkIn from Germany offers an AI-based visual support system for technical troubleshooting. Their solution allows businesses to guide their customers at each step from diagnosis to a successful resolution with the assist of AR tools. Without waiting for the onsite arrival of the agent, problems can be resolved faster, leading to reduced costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.
BlinkIn's Website


Bliq provides live parking maps for developers. Easy-to-use and highly customizable. Open and free for non-commercial use. Available in 500 cities across 15 countries & counting. The company was previously called AIPark, but was renamed to Bliq in December 2019.
Bliq's Website
Portfolio bottmedical


Bottmedical has developed the world’s first antibacterial invisible brace. By combining a high wearing comfort with natural antimicrobials, Bottmedical’s braces revolutionize the way people take care of their oral hygiene. With 3.5 billion people suffering from bad oral health at some point of their lives, Bottmedical’s invisible brace has the potential to prevent and treat most common oral diseases.
bottmedical's website


Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data, and air quality analytics software. The company leverages the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to help cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment.
Breeze's Website
Cascade Drives

Cascades Drives

Cascade Drives develops next generation linear drives for heavy-duty applications. With shock load resistance and superior speed and load capabilities, Cascade Drives is the enabler for fully electric vehicles.
Cascades Drives' Website
Portfolio cella medical

Cella Medical Solutions

Cella Medical Solutions develops medical solutions using advanced medical image processing, 3D printing, augmented reality, and cloud computing technologies. The company’s mission is to create advanced technological services to help surgeons resolve all doubts during the life cycle of a complex surgery, providing the highest level of service and clinical value.
Cella Medical Solutions' website


Changers CO2 Fit App motivates sustainable behavior in a playful, competitive way. The app measures the user’s activities and calculates the CO2 balances which can be redeemed into tree plantings, donation projects, valuable discounts, or raffles.
Changers' Website
Portfolio claros technology

Claros Technologies

Claros Technologies from the US is an advanced materials company that strives to use the latest advancements in science and engineering to innovate solutions that enable sustainable use, recovery, and reuse of natural resources. They build sustainable technologies and products to ensure the long-term success of their industrial partners and the perennity of their customers and the environment we live in.
Claros Technologies' website

Clean Carbon Technolgies

CCT builds carbon capture reactors and catalysts that profitably and efficiently convert carbon emissions from Industries into carbon nanostructures particularly Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene. (Discontinued)
CCT's Website
Portfolio compredict


COMPREDICT develops software-based virtual sensors to enable an efficient design of development processes and usage-based design of components, to avoid overdimensioning. In addition, the sensors enable the monitoring and analysis of the components of connected vehicles to permit a more sustainable use and service. COMPREDICT's solution can be used in any type of vehicle, from cars to LCVs and trucks to trains.
COMPREDICT's website
Cyclic Design


Cyclic.Design is a sustainable design studio developing products considering their entire lifecycle and striving to create circular economy, where waste becomes a resource. Its flagship product is a refillable packaging solution for personal care products, such as shampoo or shower gel.
Cyclic.Design's Website
Portfolio startups layout Data Q

Data Q Company

Effective data management by involving people who don't have "data" in their job titles

Data Q Company (DQC) supports effective data management by enabling business people to identify and improve priority data issues, thus helping companies and individuals save time and avoid data errors.
Data Q Company's website


Deevio automates visual inspections in production using AI based computer vision algorithms and HDR photography to detect defects. Combining AI knowledge with long industrial automation expertise, Deevio’s customers can solve visual inspection tasks right on their production line, while the deep learning software learns their specific inspection needs. Their technology enables new AI inspection systems for quality control without the bottleneck of manually coding the vision inspection.
Deevio's Website
Drag Bot


drag&bot is a software for easy, graphical programming of industrial robots. The framework is designed to be used by workers in production and is independent of different robot types and models. (Acquired)
drag&bot's Website
E bot7


e-bot7 supercharges your customer service through the integration of Artificial Intelligence. Their hybrid Agent+AI model suggests the best answers to your agents and automatically sends them if a certain confidence level is exceeded. (Acquired)
e-bot7's Website

Eatron Technologies

Eatron Technologies develops AI-powered intelligent components to drive the future of mobility. Their solutions enable longer battery life and higher usable energy densities for electric vehicles and a more natural feel for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The software can be used in production applications to support automotive and non-automotive serial programs.
Eatron Technologies' Website


Ebenbuild wants to provide patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome with individually tailored accurate mechanical ventilation settings to improve their odds of survival and recovery.
Ebenbuild's Website
Ecomply io


Created to help European companies comply with the new European Data Protection Law (GDPR) and established in 2017, we support, facilitate, and offer new business opportunities to firms and companies affected by the Law.
ECOMPLY.io's Website
Portfolio Elephant

Elephant Technologies

A better way to train deskless workers

Elephant Company offers a next-generation smart learning and knowledge management platform suitable for deskless workers. It addresses two of the most relevant issues in digital learning: high content creation costs and constantly outdated materials.
Elephant Technologies' Website
Portfolio startups layout encentive


Optimize energy and reduce costs

Encentive develops an all-in-one platform that empowers industrial companies to take control of their energy and load management services, from optimizing self-consumption to active market integration.
Encentive's Website


endiio offers an end-to-end IoT solution that helps industrial companies to optimize their maintenance processes through real-time condition monitoring, data fusion, and predictive analytics. For this endiio makes industrial components intelligent and connected by adding a retrofittable and self-powered IIoT sensor platform (Retrofit Box) for wireless condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of drives, bearings and transformers to improve production efficiency and minimize the risk of machine downtime. Without having to modify anything on the machine itself the retrofit box can be retrofitted to machines with little effort and individually adapted to requirements regarding sensors.
endiio's website
Evan network


evan.network (previous: contractus) creates efficient cross-company cooperation by linking the strengths of individual companies in decentralized value-added networks. We replace today’s cooperation over the phone, fax, email with blockchain-based, decentralized cooperation.
evan.network's Website
Portfolio Exo Matter


Fast & Sustainable Materials Development

ExoMatter effectively reduces the trial&error phase in R&D processes by combining data, AI, and algorithms. Their cloud-based solution helps companies to find the most sustainable and cost-effective material for applications in the chemical industry, renewable energy, and high-tech sectors such as electronics.
ExoMatter's Website


Eyeware develops attention sensing and analytics software, based on head, face and eye tracking, with applications in automotive, industry 4.0, robotics, healthcare and smart home.
Eyeware's Website
Portfolio startups layout faive

faive robotics

Human-Like Dexterity Made Simple

Faive robotics consists of a team of researchers from the Soft Robotics Lab at ETH Zürich on a mission to create advanced robotic grippers made from compliant and rigid materials similar to nature.
faive robotics's Website


Fernride enables autonomous fleets through teleoperation – we are bridging the automation gap and providing a reliable fallback-layer using over-the-air remote control to bring safe and scalable autonomous driving to life.
Fernride's Website
Fix First


FixFirst’s AI-first software enables the ecosystem of local repair services providers, manufacturers, retailers, and insurances by providing an instant error analysis and remote video consultations.
FixFirst's Website
G Batteries


GBatteries developed ActiveBMS, a charging technology that enables existing li-ion batteries to charge ultra fast while extending their life and improving safety. This technology enables electric vehicles to charge in nearly the same time it takes to fill up a tank with gas.
GBatteries' Website


Ghost’s Haptic Ecosystem allows anyone to design and develop haptic and tactile vibration feedback, without previous knowledge. Customers can build their first video prototype within minutes, a process that would otherwise take days. The haptic knowledge that is already built into the software does not require a lot of experience nor background knowledge in haptic feedback to program and design it. (Acquired)
Ghost's Website


growPack develops biomaterials that connect plants and people by using circular and regenerative technologies around lignin and cellulose. Their biomaterial is similar to cardboard, but with greater functionality. The material is suitable for microwave, oven, and freezer, and is resistant up to 36 hours in contact with liquids.
growPack's Website
HUH School

HUH? School

HUH? School develops A.I. mobile learning solution for corporate education. Our teachers powered by A.I. ensures adaptative and personalised learning. The product is a mobile application including a chatbot. The AI-powered tutors chat with the end users on a daily basis and send them adapted and personalized contents. The primary focus is language learning with the first teacher powered by AI: Mr. Smith. The chatbot also includes exercises to practice and assess the user’s level on many subjects: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, oral and written comprehension.
HUH? School's Website
Idea Fox


IdeaFox is a digital innovation management platform that enables companies to initiate, manage, and optimize their innovation processes. Our collective intelligence software empowers teams of all sizes to share knowledge and manage ideation and innovation activities in a simple yet efficient way.
IdeaFox's Website
Impact Nexus


ImpactNexus builds software that makes it easy for companies and their investors to take action on sustainability. The core is a unique cause-effect database that automates assessments and provides tailor-made improvement suggestions.
ImpactNexus' Website
Inno SEP


innoSEP develops an IoT-platform for virtual product development uniting Machine Learning and Digital Twin Modeling for a durability prediction & time-2-market reduction in R&D-Processes leading to optimized in-service behavior subsequently.
innoSEP's Website
Is it fresh

is it fresh

is it fresh provides a wireless sensor technology based on proprietary, printed NFC tags that digitalize packaging and cost 0 Cent.
is it fresh's Website


Isarsoft provides accurate video analytics solution for businesses. Their solution combines existing cameras with machine learning and computer vision to gain valuable insights from video data. It can be deployed on servers or tiny edge devices, providing relevant KPIs within the fields of people or traffic flow.
Isarsoft's Website


Tel Aviv-based Kaholo lets any engineer easily and quickly build even the most advanced automation workflows without spaghetti scripts or specialized knowledge. Their easy-to-use drag & drop interface that lets the user create complex flows with parallel processes and schedule tasks and whole processes to run at specific times.
Kaholo's Website
KI Protect


KIProtect integrates directly with our customers’ data processing, detects private or sensitive data and protects it. According to client business requirements, it transforms data using state-of-the-art pseudonymization, anonymization or encryption techniques. Built with data science in mind, our novel methods preserve data utility, while protecting data against potential breaches.
KIProtect's Website
KONUX website


KONUX integrates smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver asset insights in real time and enable its customers to switch to predictive maintenance. The end-to-end solution helps industrial and rail companies to optimize their maintenance processes through real-time condition monitoring, data fusion and predictive analytics.
KONUX's Website


körbchen mission is to take the pain out of cooking and make it accessible to everybody. The product aims to bridge the gap between recipes and meals.
Portfolio license rocks


#NFTs for the future of licensing

license.rocks is one of the leading providers of legally compliant NFT solutions for brands. Through the use of blockchain technology, the company protects, proves, and trades ownership and licensing rights for digital and physical products. This solution empowers brands to undertake their NFT projects without needing technical skills.
license.rocks's Website


Liqfric develops tailor-made compounding solutions the friction lining industry with the aim of reducing energy consumption and improving CO2 neutrality. Liqfric’s brake pad, for automotive brakes, reduces CO2 emissions by at least 85% during manufacturing processes by using diecasting operations instead of pressing operation. (Acquired)
Liqfric's Website
Machine With Vision

Machines With Vision

Machines With Vision provides a precise, low-cost & high-speed localisation solution for rail and autonomous driving, that compliments existing position sensors to offer unprecedented accuracy, reliability, and safety.
Machines With Vision's Website
Maiot white


MAIoT is enabling truck fleet managers to take the right maintenance decision. Failures are detected in advance using machine learning models on internal CAN Bus data. Thereby Uptime will be increased in order to keep the truck on the road where it is earning money. Keep trucking! (Discontinued)
MAIoT's LinkedIn Page


Microfibers are the most abundant form of microplastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. Unlike microbeads, which are easily excluded from our toiletries and cleaning products, microfibers are formed through damage to a vital resource, our clothes. Matter is pioneering technology solutions for capturing, harvesting, and recycling microplastics from domestic, business, and industry settings.
Matter's Website
Portfolio medea

MEDEA Biopharma

Harnessing the full potential of phages to develop novel antimicrobial compounds

MEDEA Biopharma is a lead discovery biopharmaceutical company developing new generation of high precision personalized microorganisms to kill harmful bacteria by using bacteriophages. MEDEA Biopharma validates bacterial targets, discovers effective bacteriophages and enables scalable tailored applications in various industry fields.
MEDEA Biopharma's Website


With our Fintech Mergerspot we develop the new generation of market research software. Analysts find all necessary qualitative and quantitative information about privately-held companies with just one click in our product. Our vision is to become the Bloomberg for private markets. (IP acquired by Gain.Pro)
Mergersport's LinkedIn Page


To reduce stress in the long term, it is important to integrate mental training into everyday life. MINDZEIT offers a personal relaxation room that you can take with you wherever you go. Their intelligent and emotion-sensitive anti-stress app responds to the individual and acute needs of the user and promotes self-reflection and a sustainable positive mindset.
MINDZEIT's Website


Molabo (previously Volabo) uses a new and unique technology to provide the most efficient and safest electric drives in the world, promising up to 25 % increased driving range at no extra (battery-) cost.
Molabo's Website
Motion miners


MotionMiners GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML). The start-up has developed the Motion-Mininig technology, a sensor- and deep learning-based technology for an automated analysis of manual working processes. Motion-Mining reduces the analysis effort, enlarges the database, and reveals optimization potentials. As a result, companies gain insights for the optimization of their processes and working conditions.
MotionMiners' Website


We grow mushroom mycelium to create delicious and healthy raw ingredients for meat alternative products. Our mission is to produce nutritious and sustainable foods that appeal to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. We believe in a food system that provides accessible nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.
Mushlabs' Website
Portfolio startups layout mycrobez


Eliminating the concept of waste

Mycrobez is a Basel-based Swiss start-up founded in 2019 that drives circular economy in packaging, construction and agricultural industries with their home-compostable and mycelium-based products.
mycrobez's Website


Enabling satellite navigation for automated driving – that is the mission of NAVENTIK. With the software based GNSS receiver solution PATHFINDER, NAVENTIK provides a highly scalable solution for vehicle localization in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle use cases.
Naventik's Website
Portfolio nebumind


nebumind offers a “digital twin” software for manufacturers who want to leverage production data for higher process understanding and manufacturing quality. The software makes machine and sensor data accessible, readable and analyzable, and helps manufactures shorten their pre-development phase, reduce production scrap, and automate quality control.
nebumind's website


ONDEWO GmbH is an award-winning Austrian high-tech company developing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for enabling machines to engage with humans in natural conversations. We developed the ONDEWO Conversational AI Platform – a high performance NLU for enterprise use cases – based on advanced NLP, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms.
ONDEWO's Website


Orbitless is changing the standards of gear design with its novel gearbox platform that offers reduced gear noise and vibration (NVH), higher efficiencies, and supports higher motor input speeds. Their designs are ideal for actuators or e-motor applications in robotics, medical devices, and eMobility. Patented in the U.S., China, and Europe, Orbitless is poised to become a new standard in gear design.
Orbitless' LinkedIn Page
Portfolio organifarms


Take your greenhouse to the next level

Organifarms develops software for the next generation of robots. With their first product “Berry”, a harvesting robot for strawberries, they automate complex processes, such as harvesting, quality control, and packaging of the fruit in greenhouses.
Organifarms' Website


PANTOhealth offers a predictive maintenance solution for railway infrastructures to prevent damage while saving time and costs. Their product collects real-time data from pantograph and catenary and presents it on a user-friendly analytical dashboard to predict the best time and type of maintenance action.
PANTOhealth's Website
Park Hero


ParkHero is a smart parking and mobility platform. With our predictive app-based engine we detect soon-to-be vacant onstreet parking spots. Available parking spots in the city at the right time in the right place are offered with a superior user experience. (Discontinued)
ParkHero's Linkedin Page
Passage AI

Passage AI

Passage AI is the AI middleware enabling businesses to offers an artificial intelligence-driven conversational interface to help companies create conversational interfaces or chatbots. Businesses can build, train, and deploy a bot within the same console across messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Slack and WeChat, voice platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana. (Acquired)
Passage AI's LinkedIn Page
Portfolio startups layout philas


Liquid Air Energy Storage enabling a 100% renewable future

Phelas develops and builds Liquid Air Energy Storages (LAES) for wind and solar energy, paving the way towards a 24/7 renewable energy supply worldwide.
Phelas' Website


Plannalto has developed molded pulp packaging which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The amount of paper Plannalto recycles is the equivalent of preserving more than 1.5 million trees per year. The relatively low costs of manufacturing packaging from recyclable raw materials directly reflect the reduction in costs incurred by the customer due to reduced eco-tax rates.
Plannalto's Website
Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer

Our vision is to fight climate change and stop food waste, by empowering people to cook more plant-based food. How? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unleash people’s creativity in cooking. With the Plant Jammer app, people learn to love cooking and discover food pairs they never imagined existed.
Plant Jammer's Website
Pro Glove website copyright Pro Glove


ProGlove offers enhanced capabilities to its user by adding technology in the form of a tool that is already used by the majority of workers – the glove. Equipped with different sensors this smart glove enables the user to work faster and easier and it opens up a new level of information and business intelligence for production management.
ProGlove's Website
Portfolio provizio


Provizio develops artificial intelligence tools to put an end to road accidents. The company has developed a software-defined active safety platform, 5D Perception®, that perceives, predicts, and prevents automotive accidents in real-time using proprietary long range imaging sensors and AI on-the-edge.
Provizio's website


qbound offers a solution that is designed to overcome current and future cybersecurity challenges in the fields of cloud and IoT. Their Zero Trust access management platform ensures that only authenticated users and devices can access the specific resources at the right times and for the right reasons.
qbound's Website


Refresherboxx is an aesthetic cabinet, which is used for cleaning textiles not only in the household but also in fitness centers, hotels, bowling lounges, or at ski rentals. We offer an environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting, drying, and refreshing clothes with a fresh scent.
Refresherboxx's Website


remberg is a high-tech company from Munich that digitizes the service of industrial machinery and equipment with a new software category, the Asset-Relationship-Management System for manufacturers, service partners, and operators.
remberg's Website


Renumics helps great engineers to create great products quickly. We achieve this by automating Computer Aided Engineering processes through a modular, A.I.-powered platform.
Renumics' Website
Portfolio startups layout SUPPLYZ


Profit from Perfection: Zero-Defect Metal Manufacturing

Resoniks (previously: SUPPLYZ) develops AI-powered acoustic analysis, which helps metalworking companies that want to find all defects by increasing employee efficiency and reducing the costs of manual inspections.


Did you know there is an AI that requires just 60 seconds of video of a person to derive a highly accurate personality profile? This AI forms the core of Retorio, an AI-enabled video-recruiting platform. Retorio enables firms improve the quality, speed, sustainability, and scalability of their hiring decisions.
Retorio's Website
Portfolio reverion


As a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, Reverion has developed and patented a technology for electricity generation from biogas with revolutionary efficiency, reversible operating mode and unmatched flexibility. With a founding team that brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Reverion is unlocking new optimization potential in the biogas market and is ushering in a new era of highly flexible, efficient, and decentralized energy supply.
Reverion's website
Re Vibe


ReVibe powers the Industrial IoT by turning vibrations into electricity. Through using vibrations that exists in industrial environments, ReVibe offers a competitive power source that eliminates the need for normal batteries and cables as power sources.
ReVibe's Website


rfrnz GmbH is a Legal Tech company and offers automated contract analysis based on Artificial Intelligence. We extract relevant information such as clauses, topics, numbers and dates, out of contracts and also flag possible risks. Lawyers in law firms or in-house legal departments thereby save time, avoid mistakes, and work more efficiently.
rfrnz's LinkedIn Page
Portfolio Robot AI


Allows robots to perform tasks like humans

RobotAI offers AI-based software that transforms any camera into a 3D measurement device. The start-up has developed hand-eye coordination software for robots, allowing them to perform tasks like humans and that makes them more adaptive to the changing environments.
RobotAI's Website
Portfolio roundpeg

Roundpeg Technologies

AI based cognitive robotics

Robotics start-up Roundpeg develops AI-based, cognitive robots to disrupt the manufacturing industry. Their mechatronic solutions aim to significantly increase flexibility and resource efficiency, which will allow their customers to leverage the potential of their investment fully.
Roundpeg Technologies' Website
Portfolio R Tsafe


RTsafe leverages 3D printing to create patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue, enabling a risk-free way for the medical teams in radiotherapy clinics to simulate the treatment plan for each patient prior to the actual treatment. The solution permits the medical teams to review the accuracy of the dose delivery geometrically and dosimetrically, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
RTsafe's website


Sause is the sustainable and vegan alternative to conventional liquid soap. The fizzy tablet consists of natural ingredients and is simply dissolved in tap water. Thus foam soap becomes directly at your wash basin.
Sause's Website


Sencept develops a novel 4D radar sensor for autonomous systems. Their innovation can detect objects in 3D space and estimate their speeds from the Doppler frequency. The radar design is based on novel hardware and software architecture that enables high-resolution radar imaging in dense environments.
Sencept's Website
Sensosurf white and red


Sensosurf makes industrial components intelligent by integrating ultra-thin and very robust sensors in components and combining these with machine learning – for smarter information about components, machines, and production processes. The high-tech sensor company Sensosurf was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the Institute for Microsensors (IMSAS) at the University of Bremen. (Discontinued)


SENVISYS offers state of the art level crossings securing based on early train detection using vibrations. Hence we save up to 200k Euro materials per installation and we help preventing railway accidents and train collisions.
Simplex Motion

Simplex Motion

By utilizing a patented sensor system technology, Simplex Motion created an integrated servomotor product which is a compact, high performance and complete motor system.
Simplex Motion's Website


Simplifyber is changing the way clothing is created. They offer unique new sustainable advanced manufacturing for the fashion industry using proprietary, bio-based material. Through cellulose-based material and ground-breaking molding processes, the start-up is transforming the world’s $1.5 trillion apparel industry and centuries-old factory system into sustainable, additive manufacturing.
Simplifyber's Website
Software Defined Automation

Software Defined Automation

Software Defined Automation democratizes industrial automation by offering a cloud-based open collaboration platform to optimize production processes and to increase flexibility. Their platform implements OT/IT convergence and allows to automate re-programming of industrial automation components, which is a major step towards realizing fully autonomous production.
Software Defined Automation's Website
Website portfolio startup profile SOLEY


Soley develops data analytics software for engineers and managers in R&D. They translate the principles of Big Data and Business Intelligence into the engineering world. With the Soley-software you can bring together distributed engineering data (e.g. about the products, sales, production) and automate analyses.
Soley's Website
Solid 3 D


SOLID 3D Engineering makes robots see. Their Artificial Intelligence 3D image processing industrial solution integrates with leading automation technologies to allow high precision image recognition and positioning. The solution supports multiple sensors including cameras, lasers, light-sensing sensors, and more.
SOLID 3D's Website


SPLT is an all-encompassing mobility platform based in Detroit. SPLT’s enterprise carpool product works within closed networks, addressing traffic congestion while helping employers reduce parking costs, increase employee retention, and attraction. (Acquired)


To fight plastic pollution and food waste, Spoontainable offers a solution which combines both problems. The company uses valuable residuals from the food industry to create a sustainable and innovative plastic CO2 neutral alternative. Their edible ice cream spoon has been on the market since April 2019 and since then, it has replaced almost one million plastic ice-cream spoons.
Spoontainable's Website


Stable Energy from Munich has developed a battery storage system which is more economically and environmentally friendly than the existing alternatives in the market. The startup’s patented inverter technology allows them to offer energy storage solutions from second-life batteries. This technology reduces conversion losses by up to 70%, which saves energy and thus costs and minimizes CO2 emission.
Stabl's Website


Sternum is an Israel-based startup that has built a unique embedded security and monitoring solution for IoT devices. Their holistic and highly scalable solution prevents attacks in real-time while providing ongoing visibility and insights into any connected device. The technology seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing development environment and requires no extra hardware.
Sternum's Website
Portfolio Swedish Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology

Efficient, Smart & Sustainable Water Purification

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) produces and sells products for sustainable and circular purification of water for homes and industries. Their all-in-one small footprint packaged system, “Fors”, reduces found pollutants without compromising the water’s taste. This solution boosts a chemical-free operation, making the process environmentally clean and sustainable.
Stockholm Water Technology's Website
Portfolio sustained bizz


sustainedBIZZ contributes to a sustainable future by innovating products and processes through the combination of physics, simulation, and artificial intelligence to achieve significant efficiency gains. The core of their hybrid modeling approach is the AI tool dAIve for engineers, which allows to solve optimization tasks faster and more efficiently by minimizing not only ressources, but also reducing the need of data.
sustainedBIZZ' website
Terra Vegane

Terra Vegane

Terra Vegane produces gourmet vegan foods with an emphasis on optimal nutrition compositions, high-quality ingredients, and bold flavor profiles. Their products are recognizable, healthy, easy to prepare, complimentary to your favorite meals, and can creatively be infused in modern recipes as well. Their products are all handmade in their vegan production kitchen in Berlin.
Terra Vegane's Website


Tribe offers a digital team room that lets you hear, see, and interact with your remote human & AI team members. Our realistic live animated 3D avatars give AI assistants a face capable of expressing human emotions. Soon, AI assistants will level the playing field at work. Tribe wants to be the place where humans & machines come together in the future to co-create something amazing. (Acquired)
Tribe's Website
Utum placeholder techfounders


Decarbonizing the Industry with Renewable Natural Gas

Turn2X is revolutionizing the journey to net-zero emissions by producing renewable and transportable natural gas (RNG) from water and biogenic CO2, paving the way for decarbonization within 5 to 10 years.
Turn2X's Website
Uhoo green


uHoo uses data on indoor air quality to enhance health and safety, increase productivity, and provide insights on energy savings in commercial and residential buildings. We do this with an indoor air quality sensor (size of a can of coke) that has 8 dedicated sensors together with a mobile app or web dashboard that provides you with alerts, insights, and recommendations to improve your indoor environment.
uHoo's Website
Ultimate AI


Ultimate.ai transforms customer service by automating up to 80% of repetitive actions for agents, while guiding agents with AI recommendations through more complex cases. Integrated into the contact center, Ultimate.ai dramatically reduces cost, increases first-time resolution, and improves service quality.
Ultimate.ai's Website


UPCUE (previous: Botconnect) helps service and sales teams to create highly effective sales conversations in every customer interaction. Lead generation and sales in short interactions is a challenge due to complex products, massive customer data and multiple systems. UPCUE provides the first real-time sales advisor for enterprises.
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Germany-based UVENTIONS develops, produces, and distributes smart IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) solutions for disinfection and hygiene management in public spaces. Their system disinfects indoor spaces with UV light, eliminating almost 100% of all infectious agents on surfaces and in the air. It provides continuous, fast, and effective disinfection during normal operations, without using any chemicals.


Viezo is developing vibration energy harvesting technology for powering wireless IoT sensors to extend their lifetime significantly. Their solution cuts down unnecessary costs and stress of the battery changes and customers gain major added value in the form of sustainable and long- living wireless IoT.
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Virtual Q


VirtualQ® offers callers to queue virtually. The service holds a caller’s position in the line. The caller gets notified via text message, call-back or push notification on his smartphone, when it is his turn. Subsequently, he can dial the number and gets connected to an agent without waiting. Waiting loses its traditional meaning and is not perceived as annoying any longer. This gives call centers the ability to improve peak management and to save employees and line costs.
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To drive the energy transition, decentralized battery storage systems are essential. At the same time, the number of registrations of electric cars is growing without certainty of what will happen to all the rechargeable batteries from electric cars when they no longer provide the desired power. Voltfang’s sustainable energy storage system is made from used electric car batteries and tailored for the needs of commercial customers.
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WeavAir creates comprehensive solutions to indoor air problems using powerful predictive AI, advanced sensor, and secure blockchain technologies.
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WebTotem is a security monitoring tool for websites, protecting businesses from intrusion and ever-evolving cyber threats.
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Weeve is an enterprise software company that aims to build the technology stack that allows the remote proof and assurance of IoT data integrity, quality and secure transportation before utilisation. weeveOS is a patented technology stack which cryptographically attests and transports IoT data from source. The weeveOS includes MQTTS – secure messaging protocol designed for the Internet of Things, Testimony – attests data, and TEE blockchain Wallet – enables transactions via smart contracts.
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Wheel me


Wheel.me helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoor to move effortlessly on smart wheels. The company’s patented hidden castor system lets you move objects easily by using your voice, the wheel.me app, or a bluetooth remote control. This makes it possible to for example change room structures or relocate heavy equipment just by telling it where to go.
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Wisefood is a fast-growing company from Munich, founded in 2017. With our Superstraw, the innovative alternative to plastic drinking straws, we have launched an edible drinking straw based on 100% natural resources. It is edible and lasts up to 4 times longer in drinks than paper straws. We work day and night to broaden our product portfolio and to replace more and more plastic straws worldwide.
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