The past decades have seen extraordinary economic growth and wealth creation – the downside to it being a frightening loss of ecosystems and undermining of social equity.

Today, together with the sustainability consulting company akzente and UnternehmerTUM Venture Capital Partners, we have developed two comprehensive sustainability guides for startups and for venture capitalists. With these manuals, we want to help startups and VCs to unlock new strategic advantages and long-term business upsides through balancing economic, environmental, social and governance aspects. Social and ecological responsibility and economic success are not contradictory. The conditions for doing business in the 2020s have actually made sustainability a business case.

For startups, we offer a comprehensive collection of tools, frameworks, and best practices to help startups to integrate sustainability in their strategy and the entire value chain. In the playbook for venture capitalists, we give a deep dive into the sustainability levers and hands-on advice on how to contribute to the long-term success of portfolio companies. We do not have all the answers yet – but with the help from all of you, we hope to build on the insights in this playbook over time to establish a common framework.

You can find the Sustainability Playbooks here:

Read the press release in English here and in German here.

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