Image source: uHoo

The rapid growth of the TechFounders Batch #6 alumni startup uHoo shows the increasing demand for digital health solutions. The Singapore-based environmental health startup recently closed an oversubscribed funding round.

The company didn’t disclose the amount of the funding, but revealed in their press release that the round was oversubscribed by 50%. uHoo enhances the health and safety of people by utilizing data to improve indoor air quality. Their coffee-mug sized smart indoor quality detector tracks nine air quality factors that affect our health and well-being. The uHoo mobile app provides the user with alerts, insights, and recommendations and integrates with various platforms such as Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT. The startup has grown exponentially in the last years and has already exceeded its revenue plans for 2020. Their products are being used in over 40 countries by tens of thousands of consumers, enterprises, and government clients.

The startup has also launched the uHoo Virus Index, a patent-pending technology that provides real-time data to reduce the risk of viruses surviving or spreading indoors. According to the company, the uHoo Virus Index “uses the power of air quality data to help customers know how to reduce COVID-19 risk in the home or workplace and optimize air quality for better health” (source). By analyzing five air factors (Temperature, Relative Humidity, PM2.5, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide), the uHoo Virus Index can tell the user the survival risk and airborne transmission risk of COVID-19 and how to address it. Learn more about the uHoo Virus Index here.

The funding round was led by Wavemaker Partners, with Enterprise Singapore and existing investors all following their initial investment, alongside new investors from the tech and real estate sectors. The funding will be used to expand uHoo’s engineering and sales teams. uHoo took part in the TechFounders program in 2017 and conducted a pilot project with The Linde Group. You can find all TechFounders alumni startups here.