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TEAM Daniel Tyoschitz

Awake Mobility

Vehicle Insights for Buses

AWAKE Mobility monitors the health status of vehicles and predicts future technical problems by analyzing deep data, enabling maintaining of entire fleets based on data-driven insights. Their solution doesn’t only increase the reliability and punctuality of the vehicles, but also drives sustainable transportation by enabling less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
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Team Tino Topper


Science crafted to life

Bottmedical has developed the world’s first antibacterial invisible brace. By combining a high wearing comfort with natural antimicrobials, Bottmedical’s braces revolutionize the way people take care of their oral hygiene. With 3.5 billion people suffering from bad oral health at some point of their lives, Bottmedical’s invisible brace has the potential to prevent and treat most common oral diseases.
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Microsoft Teams image 1 Miguel Angel Navarro

Cella Medical Solutions

Technology & Innovation at the service of surgery

Cella Medical Solutions develops medical solutions using advanced medical image processing, 3D printing, augmented reality, and cloud computing technologies. The company’s mission is to create advanced technological services to help surgeons resolve all doubts during the life cycle of a complex surgery, providing the highest level of service and clinical value.
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Claros Team Photo John Brockgreitens

Claros Technologies

We solve problems without creating new ones.

Claros Technologies from the US is an advanced materials company that strives to use the latest advancements in science and engineering to innovate solutions that enable sustainable use, recovery, and reuse of natural resources. They build sustainable technologies and products to ensure the long-term success of their industrial partners and the perennity of their customers and the environment we live in.
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Current Startups Compredict


Measure more with Virtual Sensors

COMPREDICT develops software-based virtual sensors to enable an efficient design of development processes and usage-based design of components, to avoid overdimensioning. In addition, the sensors enable the monitoring and analysis of the components of connected vehicles to permit a more sustainable use and service. COMPREDICT's solution can be used in any type of vehicle, from cars to LCVs and trucks to trains. 
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Gruppenfoto gesamt neu Caroline Albert


Making production data visible

nebumind offers a “digital twin” software for manufacturers who want to leverage production data for higher process understanding and manufacturing quality. The software makes machine and sensor data accessible, readable and analyzable, and helps manufactures shorten their pre-development phase, reduce production scrap, and automate quality control. 
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Provizio H S 068 Barry Drive


Accident Prevention Technology

Provizio develops artificial intelligence tools to put an end to road accidents. The company has developed a software-defined active safety platform, 5D Perception®, that perceives, predicts, and prevents automotive accidents in real-time using proprietary long range imaging sensors and AI on-the-edge.
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Reverion Team Luis Poblotzki


We Reverse Climate Change

As a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, Reverion has developed and patented a technology for electricity generation from biogas with revolutionary efficiency, reversible operating mode and unmatched flexibility. With a founding team that brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy sector, Reverion is unlocking new optimization potential in the biogas market and is ushering in a new era of highly flexible, efficient, and decentralized energy supply.
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R Tsafe Team Giorgos Zampetas


Personalized care in Radiation Oncology

RTsafe leverages 3D printing to create patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue, enabling a risk-free way for the medical teams in radiotherapy clinics to simulate the treatment plan for each patient prior to the actual treatment. The solution permits the medical teams to review the accuracy of the dose delivery geometrically and dosimetrically, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
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Sustained BIZZ team klein Carolin Rohrbach


Innovation consulting, Innovation Management & Technology

sustainedBIZZ contributes to a sustainable future by innovating products and processes through the combination of physics, simulation, and artificial intelligence to achieve significant efficiency gains. The core of their hybrid modeling approach is the AI tool dAIve for engineers, which allows to solve optimization tasks faster and more efficiently by minimizing not only ressources, but also reducing the need of data. 
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