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Portfolio Elephant

Elephant Technologies

A better way to train deskless workers.

Elephant Company offers a next-generation smart learning and knowledge management platform suitable for deskless workers. It addresses two of the most relevant issues in digital learning: high content creation costs and constantly outdated materials.
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Portfolio Exo Matter


Fast & Sustainable Materials Development

ExoMatter effectively reduces the trial&error phase in R&D processes by combining data, AI, and algorithms. Their cloud-based solution helps companies to find the most sustainable and cost-effective material for applications in the chemical industry, renewable energy, and high-tech sectors such as electronics.
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Portfolio license rocks

#NFTs for the future of licensing is one of the leading providers of legally compliant NFT solutions for brands. Through the use of blockchain technology, the company protects, proves, and trades ownership and licensing rights for digital and physical products. This solution empowers brands to undertake their NFT projects without needing technical skills.
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Portfolio organifarms


Take your greenhouse to the next level

Organifarms develops software for the next generation of robots. With their first product “Berry”, a harvesting robot for strawberries, they automate complex processes, such as harvesting, quality control, and and packaging of the fruit in greenhouses.
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Portfolio Robot AI


Allows robots to perform tasks like humans

RobotAI offers AI-based software that transforms any camera into a 3D measurement device. The start-up has developed hand-eye coordination software for robots, allowing them to perform tasks like humans and that makes them more adaptive to the changing environments.
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Portfolio roundpeg

Roundpeg Technologies

AI based cognitive robotics

Robotics start-up Roundpeg develops AI-based, cognitive robots to disrupt the manufacturing industry. Their mechatronic solutions aim to significantly increase flexibility and resource efficiency, which will allow their customers to leverage the potential of their investment fully.
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Portfolio Swedish Water Technology

Stockholm Water Technology

Efficient, Smart & Sustainable Water Purification

Stockholm Water Technology (SWT) produces and sells products for sustainable and circular purification of water for homes and industries. Their all-in-one small footprint packaged system, “Fors”, reduces found pollutants without compromising the water’s taste. This solution boosts a chemical-free operation, making the process environmentally clean and sustainable.
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Portfolio medea

Medea Biopharma

Harnessing the full potential of phages to develop novel antimicrobial compounds

MEDEA Biopharma is a lead discovery biopharmaceutical company developing new generation of high precision personalized microorganisms to kill harmful bacteria by using bacteriophages. MEDEA Biopharma validates bacterial targets, discovers effective bacteriophages and enables scalable tailored applications in various industry fields.
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