Current Startups

Meet the excellent startups from batch #14 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from July to December 2021.

Aladyn System has developed an award-winning wireless charging technology that will transform the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices at home, offices, and in their cars. Their system differs from conventional wireless power systems by delivering power at a distance and to multiple devices, without being affected by walls or fluids.

Eatron Technologies  is an intelligent software start-up, bringing together specialists for advanced controls, AI & ML and automotive development processes.  Their solutions enable longer battery life and higher usable energy densities for electric vehicles and a more natural feel for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The software can be used in production applications to support automotive and non-automotive serial programs.

Microfibers are the most abundant form of microplastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. Unlike microbeads, which are easily excluded from our toiletries and cleaning products, microfibers are formed through damage to a vital resource, our clothes. Matter is pioneering technology solutions for capturing, harvesting, and recycling microplastics from domestic, business, and industry settings.

To reduce stress in the long term, it is important to integrate mental training into everyday life. MINDZEIT offers a personal relaxation room that you can take with you wherever you go. Their intelligent and emotion-sensitive anti-stress app responds to the individual and acute needs of the user and promotes self-reflection and a sustainable positive mindset.

PANTOhealth offers a predictive maintenance solution for railway infrastructures to prevent damage while saving time and costs. Their product collects real-time data from pantograph and catenary and presents it on a user-friendly analytical dashboard to predict the best time and type of maintenance action.

Software Defined Automation democratizes industrial automation by offering a cloud-based open collaboration platform to optimize production processes and to increase flexibility. Their platform implements OT/IT convergence and allows to automate re-programming of industrial automation components, which is a major step towards realizing fully autonomous production.

Sencept develops a novel 4D radar sensor for autonomous systems. Their innovation can detect objects in 3D space and estimate their speeds from the Doppler frequency. The radar design is based on novel hardware and software architecture that enables high resolution radar imaging in dense environments.

To drive the energy transition, decentralized battery storage systems are essential. At the same time, the number of registrations of electric cars is growing without certainty of what will happen to all the rechargeable batteries from electric cars when they no longer provide the desired power. Voltfang’s sustainable energy storage system is made from used electric car batteries and tailored for the needs of commercial customers.

SOLID 3D Engineering makes robots see. Their Artificial Intelligence 3D image processing industrial solution integrates with leading automation technologies to allow high precision image recognition and positioning. The solution supports multiple sensors including cameras, lasers, light-sensing sensors, and more.

Viezo is developing vibration energy harvesting technology for powering wireless IoT sensors to extend their lifetime significantly. Their solution cuts down unnecessary costs and stress of the battery changes and customers gain major added value in the form of sustainable and long-living wireless IoT.