Current Startups

Meet the excellent startups from batch #13 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from January to June 2021.

Changing how people solve problems

BlinkIn from Germany offers an AI-based visual support system for technical troubleshooting. Their solution allows businesses to guide their customers at each step from diagnosis to a successful resolution with the assist of AR tools. Without waiting for the onsite arrival of the agent, problems can be resolved faster, leading to reduced costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Transfrom Big Data into Big Knowledge is a spinout from Oxford University’s Department of Computer Science, founded by award-winning researchers and seasoned entrepreneurs. The startup has developed a Knowledge Graph platform, which supports complex decision-making by giving recommendations and insights to the user based on expert knowledge from different domains. It also examines real-world dependencies and cross-correlations before offering suggestions.

Empty your fridge with delicious recipes

Our vision is to fight climate change and stop food waste, by empowering people to cook more plant-based food. How? Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unleash people’s creativity in cooking. With the Plant Jammer app, people learn to love cooking and discover food pairs they never imagined existed.

Democratizing Automation

Tel Aviv-based Kaholo lets any engineer easily and quickly build even the most advanced automation workflows without spaghetti scripts or specialized knowledge. Their easy-to-use drag & drop interface that lets the user create complex flows with parallel processes and schedule tasks and whole processes to run at specific times.

Make your company fit for the future

Stable Energy from Munich has developed a battery storage system which is more economically and environmentally friendly than the existing alternatives in the market. The startup’s patented inverter technology allows them to offer energy storage solutions from second-life batteries. This technology reduces conversion losses by up to 70%, which saves energy and thus costs and minimizes CO2 emission.

Securing IoT devices from within

Sternum is an Israel-based startup that has built a unique embedded security and monitoring solution for IoT devices. Their holistic and highly scalable solution prevents attacks in real-time while providing ongoing visibility and insights into any connected device. The technology seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing development environment and requires no extra hardware.

Healthy vegan alternatives from Berlin

Terra Vegane produces gourmet vegan foods with an emphasis on optimal nutrition compositions, high-quality ingredients, and bold flavor profiles. Their products are recognizable, healthy, easy to prepare, complimentary to your favorite meals, and can creatively be infused in modern recipes as well. Their products are all handmade in their vegan production kitchen in Berlin.

Rethink Disinfection

Germany-based UVENTIONS develops, produces, and distributes smart IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) solutions for disinfection and hygiene management in public spaces. Their system disinfects indoor spaces with UV light, eliminating almost 100% of all infectious agents on surfaces and in the air. It provides continuous, fast, and effective disinfection during normal operations, without using any chemicals.