Current Startups

Meet the excellent startups from batch #12 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from July to December 2020.

Nordic Oceanfruit develops the next generation of tasty, better-for-you fish alternatives based on nutrient-rich seaweed – naturally plant-based, organic, with a strong positive impact on our ecosystem.

Ebenbuild wants to provide patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome with individually tailored accurate mechanical ventilation settings to improve their odds of survival and recovery. provides a fully integrated data protection management system with a strong focus on workflows, collaboration and assistance.

FixFirst’s AI-first software enables the ecosystem of local repair services providers, manufacturers, retailers and insurances by providing an instant error analysis and remote video consultations.

FotoNow is an AI-powered visual inspection system for high-value manufacturing and offers fully automated, end-to-end, error tracking and identification for optimize manufacturing agility and quality.

Mushlabs is a biotech company using fermentation to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushrooms.

PYLOT enables autonomous fleets through teleoperation – we are bridging the automation gap and providing a reliable fallback-layer using over-the-air remote control to bring safe and scalable autonomous driving to life.

Sause is the sustainable and vegan alternative to conventional liquid soap. The fizzy tablet consists of natural ingredients and is simply dissolved in tap water. Thus the soap can be simply mixed directly at your wash basin. 

WeavAir creates comprehensive solutions to indoor air problems using powerful predictive AI, advanced sensor and secure blockchain technologies.

WebTotem is a security monitoring tool for websites, protecting businesses from intrusion and ever-evolving cyber threats.

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