Current Startups

Meet the excellent startups from batch #12 that made it to our accelerator program and learn more about their business ideas. Together with our mentors and corporate partners, we will help these talented and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses during the twenty weeks program running from July to December 2020.

Nordic Oceanfruit develops the next generation of tasty, better-for-you fish alternatives that are a unique combination of organic sea plants from Europe and locally grown vegetables. The founders of the company are passionate about creating a positive impact on the oceans and maritime industry. 

Ebenbuild offers potentially a lifesaving innovation to patients suffering from ARDS, a life-threatening condition that can be caused by a severe illness such as coronavirus. Ebenbuild has developed a software that uses computed tomography and machine learning to create a virtual, patient-specific model of the lungs. This enables automated, personalized, and precise prediction of the optimal mode of ventilation that can be used anywhere, from highly specialized to remote hospitals.

Ecomply offers an all-in-one GDPR compliance solution. The startup’s software strips down the complexity of GDPR compliance and allows businesses to become compliant with GDPR and national data privacy legislation, without requiring an external consultant.

FixFirst accelerates global change towards a circular economy. FixFirst’s online platform connects users with local repair services, insurance providers, manufacturers, and retailers. It provides the user with instant error analysis, connects them to remote video consultations, enables a simple booking for inspections and repairs, and offers recommendations for new sustainable 

FotoNow identifies a wide range of typical manufacturing quality issues with their independent visual inspection system. The startup’s patented technology enables fully automated, end-to-end error tracking in any production environment. The solution integrates easily with the existing manufacturing and enterprise systems and works with any camera and network-enabled device.

Mushlabs is a biotech company using fermentation to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushrooms. The startup’s production lab grows its biomass in just a few days, enabling fast all year long production that is not dependent on climate or weather factors. This makes the innovation ideal for the areas that are challenging for farming.

Fernride is building the leading teleoperation software platform that enables autonomous vehicles to be truly driverless. Their platform has been developed together with various German automobile manufacturers and combines the power of artificial and human intelligence. 

Sause is the sustainable and vegan alternative to conventional liquid soap. Sause’s fizzy tablets simply dissolve in tap water, creating foam soap directly at your sink. The product contains only natural raw materials and is completely plastic-free. 

WeavAir creates comprehensive solutions to indoor air problems using powerful predictive AI, advanced sensor, and secure blockchain technologies. Their solution can detect issues early and prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and infections like COVID-19. The software also optimizes energy efficiency and reduces operational and maintenance costs.

WebTotem offers a user-friendly solution that keeps websites safe. Their AI-powered security assistant covers all stages of cyberattacks and discovers outdated third-party components. The platform is easy to use and offers the user risk calculations and security recommendations.

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