Focus Field: Cybersecurity

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Intelligent protection against today's threats

Cybersecurity attacks are increasing globally becoming a real threat to business, underpinned by a 13% CAGR for the global cybersecurity market valued at around 140 billion USD in 2021.

  • In recent years, many data breaches have made headlines when well-known established companies have been hit. As hackers and cybercriminals develop new ways to gain access to systems and information, companies of all sizes must make cybersecurity a topic of high priority to stay vigilant and invulnerable against attacks.

  • At TechFounders, we accelerate start-up corporate collaboration in order to bring information and system safety to the agenda of industry players and give start-ups the opportunity to test and further enhance their solutions to implement security at high speed in established organizations.

  • Our focus topics are such as Biometrics Recognition, Digital Signature, IoT Security (Device & Data), Data Management, Website Security, and Data Encryption.

Our Cybersecurity Portfolio Start-ups

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Securing IoT Devices From Within

Sternum is an Israel-based startup that has built a unique embedded security and monitoring solution for IoT devices. Their holistic and highly scalable solution prevents attacks in real-time while providing ongoing visibility and insights into any connected device. The technology seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing development environment and requires no extra hardware.
Sternum's Website


Secure Your Brand By Protecting Your Website

WebTotem offers website owners, small & medium businesses, and agencies of all sizes out-of-the-box security monitoring and protection needs. Forget about complicated setup, professional jargon, or additional coding, WebTotem gets your websites secured in 5 minutes.
WebTotem's Website


Securing IoT Devices From Within

qbound (acquired by TRUSTEQ) offers a solution that is designed to overcome current and future cybersecurity challenges in the fields of cloud and IoT. Their Zero Trust access management platform ensures that only authenticated users and devices can access the specific resources at the right times and for the right reasons.
TRUSTEQ's Website
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Data Protection Perfectly Under Control

Created to help European companies comply with the new European Data Protection Law (GDPR) and established in 2017, we support, facilitate, and offer new business opportunities to firms and companies affected by the Law.
ECOMPLY's Website

Our Cybersecurity Program Partners

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