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Powering the Future of Healthcare

The digitization of healthcare is accelerating fast and it is needed - by 2028, the global Digital Health Market size is expected to reach €288.4 billion.

The Healthcare market is under transformation, with an increasing demand for better patient care, lower costs, more personalized treatments, and innovation. Health startups developing groundbreaking treatment methods often face complex regulatory hurdles.

At TechFounders, we accelerate start-up corporate collaboration in order to bring outside innovation to healthcare industry players and start-ups the opportunity to test and further develop their solutions with top experts and access to medical infrastructure.

Our focus topics are Telemedicine, Patient Care Management, Diagnostics, Chronic Disease Management, Personalized Surgery, Hospital Workflow, Mental Health, and Big Data Analytics.

Our References

HP Tech Ventures

As HP’s corporate venture arm, HP Tech Ventures is helping to foster an ecosystem of innovation and reinvention that will define tomorrow’s world and experiences, through strategic partnerships and investments in disruptive technology areas. HP Tech Ventures offers more than 75 years of experience in innovation and technology, backed by more than 18,000 global patents, to entrepreneurs around the globe. As part of a Fortune 100 company with world-class technology, one of the world’s largest channel and distribution partner networks, and a vast global manufacturing and supply chain, HP Tech Ventures is uniquely positioned to help their portfolio companies gain a foothold and scale quickly.

For our Batch #16, HP Tech Ventures was looking for innovations in the fields of:

  • Personalized Surgery Technologies
  • Digital Dental Technologies

Take a look at the selected start-ups below ↓

The selected healthcare start-ups of Batch #16

Team Tino Topper


Digital Dental Technologies

Bottmedical has developed the world’s first antibacterial invisible brace. By combining a high wearing comfort with natural antimicrobials, their braces revolutionize the way people take care of their oral hygiene. With 3.5 billion people suffering from bad oral health at some point in their lives, Bottmedical’s invisible brace has the potential to prevent and treat the most common oral diseases.
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R Tsafe Team Giorgos Zampetas


Personalized Surgery Technologies

RTsafe leverages 3D printing to create patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue, enabling a risk-free way for the medical teams in radiotherapy clinics to simulate the treatment plan for each patient prior to the actual treatment. The solution permits the medical teams to review the accuracy of the dose delivery geometrically and dosimetrically, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
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Microsoft Teams image 1 Miguel Angel Navarro

Cella Medical Solutions

Personalized Surgery Technologies

Cella Medical Solutions develops medical solutions using advanced medical image processing, 3D printing, augmented reality, and cloud computing technologies. The company’s mission is to create advanced technological services to help surgeons resolve all doubts during the life cycle of a complex surgery, providing the highest level of service and clinical value.
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Our Healthcare Portfolio Companies

Techfounders startup logos wearhealth
Techfounders startup logos Fit Sense
Inveox website
Techfounders startup logos Ebenbuild
Techfounders startup logos wearhealth
Techfounders startup logos Fit Sense
Inveox website
Techfounders startup logos Ebenbuild

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