Focus Field: Net-Zero

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Accelerating the Decarbonization of Global Supply Chains

The majority of CO2 emission reductions through the next 10 years will come from technologies that are on the market today, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). However, by 2050, almost half of the reductions will come from solutions that are currently in the prototyping phase.

At TechFounders, we want to accelerate solutions that can challenge the status quo and can bring us closer to the targets of carbon neutrality. Within our net zero ecosystem, we have the goal to create partnerships that can test, build, validate, and bring new early-stage innovations to scale.

We believe that the need for rapid reductions of greenhouse gas emissions will require us to change our perspective from not only improvements in existing systems but towards transformative system changes. From our perspective, this involves bridging gaps between stakeholders from complementary industries in order to really support the development of 1.5 degree solutions.

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Focus Technologies & Innovations

Advanced Materials

Materials that can replace emissions-intensive materials with more sustainable ones


Technologies transforming the hydrogen economy e.g., Hydrogen Storage & Transport, Stationary Fuel Cells and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Carbon Capture

Emission reduction technologies that can be applied across the industries

Circular Economy

Solutions that enable businesses to measure and improve their circular performance and impact

Clean Energy

Innovative renewable energy sources and storage e.g., sustainable biofuel or decentralized energy systems

AgTech & Food Production

Solutions and technologies that can increase the profitability and sustainability of agricultural systems and enterprises

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Building the Future of Aviation Together

Explore H2 program by Safran is set to identify and collaborate with entrepreneurs around the world who are developing cutting-edge technologies that promote decarbonizing of the aviation industry. The program is conducted in collaboration with Starburst & TechFounders.
Hp Techventures

HP Tech Ventures

Tackling Today’s Most Pressing Challenges

By collaborating with promising tech startups through TechFounders, HP Tech Ventures accelerates its new incubation businesses that are disrupting large industries with solutions enabled by breakthrough HP technology, like 3D printing.


Accelerating Transformation Towards a More Sustainable Economy

As TechFounders Corporate Partner, Wieland aspires to collaborate with startups that are developing carbon capture solutions that can substantially support reaching the company’s 2045 net-zero goals.

Start-ups that collaborated with HP Tech Ventures through TechFounders



Changing the Way Clothing Is Created

Simplifyber offers unique new sustainable advanced manufacturing for the fashion industry using proprietary, bio-based material. Through cellulose-based material and ground-breaking molding processes, the start-up is transforming the world’s $1.5 trillion apparel industry and centuries-old factory system into sustainable, additive manufacturing.
Simplifyber's website


From People, to Plants, to People

growPack develops biomaterials that connect plants and people by using circular and regenerative technologies around lignin and cellulose. Their biomaterial is similar to cardboard, but with greater functionality. The material is suitable for microwave, oven, and freezer, and is resistant up to 36 hours in contact with liquids.
growpack's website
Plannalto profile


Eco-friendly Packaging, with Celluloses from Non-wood Crops

Plannalto has developed molded pulp packaging which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The amount of paper Plannalto recycles is the equivalent of preserving more than 1.5 million trees per year. The relatively low costs of manufacturing packaging from recyclable raw materials directly reflect the reduction in costs incurred by the customer due to reduced eco-tax rates.
Plannalto's website

More of our Net-Zero Portfolio Start-ups

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