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Simplifyber & HP Tech Ventures

Pilot Project between an US-based start-up Simplifyber and HP Tech Ventures in 2022 resulted in the development of world’s first fully biodegradable plant-based shoe.

Fostering the Collaboration


Tackling Waste in Supply Chains for Sustainable Style

Traditional fashion supply chains generate significant waste, with numerous steps and materials contributing to environmental degradation.


Connecting the dots

  • TechFounders scouted relevant solutions globally and connected HP with a suitable start-up, Simplifyber, for a collaboration project.
  • Simplifyber employs cutting-edge molding technology to manufacture fully biodegradable footwear and clothing, streamlining the process by eliminating 60% of the steps and 35% of the materials that typically end up as waste.
  • Simplifyber partnered with HP in a pilot project to create 3D printed molded shoe uppers using a cellulose formula derived from natural fibers, merging Simplifyber's innovative processes and materials with HP's expertise and technologies


Introducing The First-Ever Biodegradable Plant-Based Shoe

  • The collaboration resulted in the development of a unique product – the world’s first fully biodegradable plant-based shoe.
  • The collaboration tested a new process for developing textiles, incorporating HP's technology. This highlights the potential for creating eco-friendly materials with innovative technologies.
  • Since the pilot project in 2022, HP continues to support Simplifybers footwear development by providing HP’s proprietary molded fiber technology and 3D printed parts.