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Your Effortless Path to Measurable Start-up Corporate Collaboration

Venture clienting is an innovative collaboration model where established companies act as clients to ventures (start-ups), validating and potentially purchasing start-up solutions while nurturing lasting relationships. With 8+ years of expertise, TechFounders has accelerated 160+ Proof of Concepts (POCs) together with our corporate partners, and 92% of our portfolio start-ups are still in operation. Our approach focuses on pilot facilitation to efficiently address corporate challenges. From identifying relevant search fields, globally scouting and matching start-ups, to facilitating pilots and solution adoption, we aim at delivering tangible results for our corporate clients.

Our Proven Four-Step Approach

Guiding Corporates on their Journey to Innovate with Start-ups

Step 1:

Discover & Source

Identify areas of need for corporate innovation. Globally scout the most promising start-ups in those areas.

Step 2:


Support in the selection of a fitting start-up for collaboration. Give access to the whole innovation ecosystem.

Step 3:


Facilitate the collaboration between selected start-ups and corporates, track progress and outcomes.

Step 4:


Evaluate pilot outcomes, support start-ups on acceleration, and facilitate the transfer to long-term collaboration activities.

Elevate Corporate Success with our Unique Benefits

  • We deliver effective matchmaking within 2-4 months, from initial search field definition to start-up selection, with simplified legal procedures.

  • We source globally the best start-up solutions and teams to fit your specific challenges.

  • We support a lean setup for new and establised venture client units and their long-term operations.

  • We facilitate our extensive UnternehmerTUM network for access to early and later stage start-ups, as well as deep technical and industry expertise, resources and cross-industry collaboration within the corporate community.

  • We ensure rapid access to the latest deep technology trends and entry into new markets with innovative products.

  • We offer opportunities to test, develop and purchase technical solutions from market-ready start-ups.

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Our References

We support established organizations catered to their needs, with a track record of facilitating more than 160 collaboration projects. Some of our corporate partners include renowned companies such as HP Tech Ventures, MieleDATEVFestoWieland, LANXESS, WACKER, and more.

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